Ellen Selegue

Office Manager

Ellen Selegue grew up in Westerville, Ohio, and went on to receive her BA in Marketing from Bowling Green State University. She has several years of experience in marketing, as well as experience with business and office management.

Ellen’s daughter, Sara, grew up dancing at the New Albany Ballet Company, which led to her work with the company. Tara Miller was Sara’s first dance teacher, and the Selegues followed Tara to New Albany when she first opened the New Albany Ballet Company in 1999. What started out as a very part-time position has grown into a very busy full-time position!

Ellen and Tara have developed a great friendship and business relationship. Ellen’s favorite part of her job is watching all the little ballerinas evolve into beautiful dancers. She has known many of the dancers since age three to their high school graduations and beyond! She once heard a young dancer call her the “Ballet Principal”; a title she loves, as it pretty much sums up her job! Along with Sara, Ellen’s family also consists of her husband, Rick and her son Drew.